Can I Wear Shapewear/Spandex Easily After Bariatric Surgery?

Medically Reviewed by Katelyn J. Mock, US-Registered Dietician (R.D.)

The answer depends on your comfort. For most people, it is uncomfortable to wear tight, fitting garments right out of weight loss surgery, be it gastric bypass or gastric sleeve.

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Wait to Wear Compression Garments/Shapewear/ Spandex After Bariatric Surgery

The incision sites can be a little tender/sore and should be allowed to “breathe” for adequate healing.

This is why it is recommended not to wear spandex for at least a couple of weeks after bariatric surgery.

Precautions for Wearing Shapewear/ Spandex After Bariatric Surgery

If you want to wear shapewear garments soon after, try to do so for just a couple of hours at a time. However, avoid wearing them for 8+ hours at a stretch.

Effect of Compression Garments on Loose Skin

Even though compression garments smooth out loose and saggy skin, it does not result in the toning of the skin. Some shapewear clothing does provide support and better blood circulation.

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