Millisa’s Gastric Sleeve Story – Tijuana (Part 3)

This is the final video in the three-part gastric sleeve series in which an American reviews her weight loss surgery. Millisa Fox’s gastric sleeve surgery was performed by a leading weight loss surgeon in Tijuana who has performed more than a 1,000 bariatric procedures over a period of 5 years.

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Video Transcription:

Before surgery, Veronica came and visited with me. Dr Rena is the primary physician I think at the hospital. Fantastic! He is funny. He is handsome. He is nice. He knew I was telling him about all my lots of medications. He knew, of course, all the Americans names for exactly what they were for. He was asking me questions about it. He knew exactly what he was talking about. Then I also saw an internist Dr. Codrero, He was very informative too.

And this really attractive young anesthesiologist woman came in. And there was another little part of me – why is everybody so young. But everybody was just so great. They took me to the operating room. It was just like they were friends. I could hear them kind of talking and being friendly. “Hello, Millisa! Are you okay? And are you ready?

And then my surgery was over. I have been fantastic. The next morning I got out; took a shower. I went for a walk. I haven’t felt hungry. All I have had for several days is still it’s my broth but I have been doing fantastic and as I was talking about my surgeon he has been wonderful and attentive and he has even come to my hotel room to see how I am doing. Not to mention he is very, very, very attractive.   

But I would definitely… I wish that I had done and I would recommend this to anyone. There… Honestly I have not had a pain. Today I am a tiny bit sore. But it feels as if I have been working out. Like I had done some sit-ups. And as I had said before, discomfort from the gas in my shoulders. But other than that it’s just been really, really, really terrific experience with the great staff. Kind people. I am just so glad that I did it. I would definitely recommend it to any of you to come with Mexico Bariatric.

Americans can benefit from the proximity of Tijuana to the United States, besides the substantial cost differences between gastric sleeve prices charged in the United States and Mexico.

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