Affordable Gastric Sleeve in Mexico: Unveiling the Costs

Discover what are the cheapest places to get the gastric sleeve! Scroll down to learn about the huge savings, long-term financial benefits, all-inclusive package, and more.

What are the Cheapest Places to get Gastric Sleeve?
Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

How Much Does a Gastric Sleeve Cost in Mexico?

The average cost of a gastric sleeve in Mexico ranges between $4,395 to $5,500. This price includes anesthesia, pre-op, and post-op tests.

However, getting the same in the US would cost you more than double, at around $11,000.

Hence, choosing Mexico for your gastric sleeve can save you up to 60%. This significant price difference continues for lap band revisions as well.

Patients dissatisfied with a lap band and seeking revision to gastric sleeve can take advantage of the cost of $5,500 in Mexico.

However, undergoing the same procedure in the US would incur a significantly higher cost of around $16,000.

Gastric sleeve surgery costs vary with the location and surgeon you choose.

Read on to compare Mexican prices with those in other countries.

Truth Behind the Cheap Prices

The lower costs of gastric sleeve procedures in Mexico can be primarily attributed to the country’s low living costs.

  • Housing and transportation expenses in Mexico are 65% cheaper than in the US.(1)
  • Moreover, malpractice insurance is not mandatory for doctors in Mexico, in contrast to the US.
  • Additionally, fees for medical staff are significantly lower in Mexico compared to their US counterparts.

Bariatric surgery costs generally depend on surgical fees, medical regulations, hospital protocols, and administrative expenses.

In Mexico, all these costs are low and do not add an extra burden on treatment prices.

This collectively contributes to the cost-effectiveness of gastric sleeve procedures in Mexico.

Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your life affordably! 

Mexico’s gastric sleeve prices provide a unique opportunity for a successful and budget-friendly journey to a healthier you. 

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Price Table: Gastric Sleeve Surgery Costs

Gastric sleeve in Mexico is more affordable than other medical tourism destinations. 

The detailed gastric sleeve cost comparison between different countries is here.

Gastric Sleeve in Mexico vs. Other Countries
CountryGastric Sleeve Cost
Costa Rica$12,650
# Prices may vary slightly.

The costs of gastric sleeve procedures can vary significantly depending on the chosen location. 

The following key factors are pivotal in influencing these costs:

  • Surgeon qualifications and experience: Highly qualified and experienced surgeons often demand higher fees. 
  • Hospital accreditations and safety protocols: Hospitals with advanced accreditations may entail higher expenses but often provide a higher standard of care.
  • Location-specific expenses: The specific medical regulations, hospital protocols, and administrative expenses in the chosen location can significantly influence the overall cost of the gastric sleeve.

Understanding these regional factors is crucial for accurate cost assessment for medical travelers choosing treatment abroad.

Further, with MBS, you can select from various Mexican cities based on your convenience. 

Read on to discover the gastric sleeve costs in various Mexican cities.

Cost Comparison of Gastric Sleeve in Different Mexican Cities

Mexico is popular for affordable self-pay gastric sleeve procedures. 

Your weight loss destinations for a gastric sleeve in Mexico include both border and coastal resort cities like:

  • Cancun
  • Tijuana
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Nuevo Laredo
  • Reynosa
  • Guadalajara
  • Piedras Negras

In Tijuana, you can get the cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. 

It costs you only $4,395 to get a gastric sleeve in Tijuana. This price includes anesthesia costs, pre and post-op tests, and take-home medications.

The gastric sleeve prices vary with the city—for instance, gastric sleeve surgery in Reynosa costs you $4,799. 

On the other hand, the gastric sleeve in Cancun costs you $4,995. 

Note that you will have to pay an extra amount for high BMI.

The high BMI charges would cost $500 for BMI 50-59 and $1,000 for BMI 60-69 in Mexico.

We outlined the gastric sleeve costs in different Mexican cities here.

Reynosa $4,799
Nuevo Laredo$4,799
Puerto Vallarta$4,950
Piedras Negras$5,350
#Prices may vary slightly depending on the case.

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Even if you have Medical tourism insurance, it has its downsides, like travel risks and challenges in processing claims. 

At MBS, we understand the worries of getting medical treatment abroad. 

That’s why we keep pricing transparent, making your weight loss journey clear and hassle-free. 

Discover the detailed breakdown of Mexico’s gastric sleeve costs right here.

Gastric Sleeve Mexico’s All-Inclusive Package Inclusions 

Understanding what you’re paying for your gastric sleeve is the key. 

Here are the details of your Mexico gastric sleeve package inclusions.

Sleeve Package InclusionDetails 
Surgeon feeIncludes anesthesia and surgery costs
Hospital stay2 nights
Hotel stay1 night
Pre-op and Post-op testsBlood tests, leak tests, and imaging
Airport TransportPick up and drop off
Ground transportBetween the hospital and hotel
Medications All medicines required during the hospital stay
Take home medicationsAll surgery-related medicines (excludes omeprazole)
Nutritionist consultationPre-op and post-op dietary consultation

Note that the inclusions may differ based on location. Contact our case manager for specific details about your preferred location.

In Mexico, you can enjoy upto 60% cost reduction for gastric sleeve procedures. Importantly, this affordability doesn’t imply a compromise on quality. 

The quality standards in Mexico are on par with those in the US. 

Now let’s explore the reasons behind low bariatric surgery costs in Mexico.

Gastric Sleeve in Mexico: Payment Options

Paying for weight loss surgery in Mexico is effortless.

The payment options include Zelle, Stripe, Affirm, Klarna, PayPal, wire transfer, and credit/debit cards. 

But that’s not all – Mexico gastric sleeve offers additional solutions for those who:

  • Are denied by the insurer: MBS has alternatives if your insurer rejects bariatric surgery.
  • Have no insurance: If you don’t have medical insurance, seek affordable weight loss surgery.
  • Are planning affordable surgery in Mexico: If you’ve opted for economical surgery in Mexico.

With MBS, you don’t have to pay everything upfront. You can avail of different payment plans for your sleeve surgery in Mexico.

Financing Options for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Here are the financing options for gastric sleeve in Mexico

  • SuperMoney (Most chosen)
  • eMedical Financing (Optimally chosen)
  • United Medical Credit (For Americans)
  • Total Lifestyle Credit (For Australians)
  • Medicard/ iFinance (For Canadians)
Financing weight loss surgery in mexico
Financing Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

If bariatric surgery costs are a concern, consider applying for a loan.

Most loan providers check for the following before lending medical loans:

  • Credit score
  • Personal assets
  • Payment history (if any)
  • Your job status or financial income

It’s crucial to review the terms and conditions of any loan agreement carefully. Understand the APR (fixed rate) and know the potential fees.

Additionally, consider both the interest rate and the APR when comparing loan offers.  This will provide a comprehensive understanding of the overall cost of borrowing.

Remember, your health is an invaluable investment, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

We’ve outlined the step-by-step process for loan approval specifically tailored for weight loss patients in Mexico.

Loan Approval for Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico
Loan Approval for Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Need help with financing?

Long-Term Financial Benefits of Choosing Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Gastric sleeve surgery costs start at $4,395 in Mexico. But it’s more than just covering the surgery costs! 

The utilization of advanced surgical technology brings out long-term results with notable improvements in health. (2)

There are some extra long-term financial perks that are often less discussed. 

Now, let’s dive into the real talk about those genuine, long-term gains:

  • Gastric sleeve surgery results in a significant reduction in body weight. This has a substantial impact on obesity-related blood pressure and diabetes. (3)This results in reduced medication bills and hospital charges.
  • Weight loss further diminishes health risks like cancers and other chronic problems. (4) This leads to fewer health complications and reduced medical expenses.
  • Adhering to a strict diet post-gastric sleeve means avoiding junk and processed foods. This dietary shift lets you focus on protein and nutrient-rich foods. This further translates into savings on grocery and restaurant bills.

Gastric sleeve surgery significantly enriches your overall quality of life both professionally and personally.

This improvement in health status contributes to an overall reduction in annual medical expenditure, contributing to long-term savings.

Please fill out this medical questionnaire to provide a better understanding of your health.

Knowing the Gastric Sleeve Cost Without Insurance

A self-funded gastric sleeve in the US costs you $11,000. Further, a more advanced robotic surgery will cost you $21,000.

These prices do not include the pre and post-op tests and any potential complications that may arise from the surgery.

Further, the additional charges for high BMI can soar upto $10,000 in the US. Paying these sky-high bills can be overwhelming when you are uninsured or underinsured.

However, this is different in Mexico! Scroll down to understand it in detail.

The Hidden Costs & Savings: Beyond the Surgery Bill in Mexico 

Mexico’s affordable gastric sleeve prices are transparent, with no hidden charges. 

Gastric sleeve in Mexico- all-inclusive costs cover the hospital and hotel stay for your surgery.

Further, they cover the pre and post-op tests and all surgery-related medication.

Moreover, you don’t have to spend the local transport expenses. The all-inclusive packages include airport pickup and drop off and ground transportation from the hotel too.

However, there are some costs that you will have to pay out of pocket. They include:

  • Airfare: The cost of your flight to Mexico is not included in the comprehensive package and should be considered a separate expense.
  • Guest Meals: Any additional meals for accompanying guests are not part of the all-inclusive package and will be an out-of-pocket expense.
  • Extra Medications: Your surgery costs cover standard medications. Any additional medications, such as anti-asthmatics or hypertension drugs, will be an additional expense.


Explore the cheapest places to get gastric sleeve, cost-effective, and widely chosen bariatric procedure in Mexico with MBS at every step of your journey.

We are here to provide emotional support as you undergo this transformative journey towards better health.

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