Sleeve Gastrectomy in Tijuana Reviewed by Tom from Fresno

Watch the video review of sleeve gastrectomy in Tijuana by Tom Meeks, a resident of Fresno, California. Quite happy with his bariatric surgery experience in Mexico, Tom feels he got better care than he would have received back home in the United States.

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Video Transcription:

Hi! My name is Tom Meeks from Fresno, California. My experience here has been really great. Everybody has been very helpful. From the day you get here they are going to explain everything that’s going to happen. And how it’s going to work.

The operation itself went off without a hitch. Very little pain, if any at all. They just made me feel really good and they showed me here. You know that was something I was worried about coming to Mexico for an operation. But now only I think I had better care here than what I would have in the States.So, you know, if that is an issue don’t worry about that as this is really a, really a good experience. And hope you find out that too. Thanks!”

Just like Tom, Terence Pakkies traveled all the way from South Africa to Tijuana for his surgery. Watch his video review of weight loss surgery in Mexico here.

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