Bariatric Surgery in Mexico Reviewed By Milissa Fox

In this video Milissa Fox reviews Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana and shares her experiences with all those who want to opt for Gastric Sleeve in Mexico.

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Video Transcription

“And I know there’s going to be many of you in different places, you know in Mexico, United States, Canada; that might be researching and looking and having fear to do this and that’s one of the reasons that I want to do this. I want to say don’t be afraid, you know, let that fear go and come and do it. It… you know took me years, 10 years of researching and looking and thinking about it and just finally I just got to a point where I said I am going to do it.

But I had looked up surgeries online to come to Tijuana and Mexico Bariatrics and I did a lot and lot of research because I know also for in other countries we have that, that fear from some… you know that what… the things that we hear, but honestly I have felt completely safe; they have the best treatment, it was such a great decision, I mean the cost was not even a quarter of what it would have been in the States.

I have type 1 diabetes; I have had diabetes since I was 12 years old and so I have been ill from… many times in my life and hospitalized and of course I love… in America. But the hospitals are very busy places, and when I came to… I came to The Florence Hospital where I had my surgery with my surgeon and I had the most attentive staff.

People you know… I know the other times I have been in the hospital; in America my… were going off the other night and it was beeping and beeping. The nurses and doctors have so many other patients to treat; it was never like that. I felt like I just have my own little staff with me all the time, coming and checking me, taking my blood, telling me thank you.

Then they came to see me, my last night I chose to stay… we could stay in different hotels… your last night or two. I chose to stay at The Florence; a hotel on the fourth floor is very beautiful, it was quiet but um… they all came up to my hotel room, you know to check on me, to visit with me, to take pictures of me; just gave me their personal e-mail address, it was just absolutely wonderful…wonderful care.”

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