Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico – Review

Watch Milissa Fox’s review video where she talks about her Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico. She also mentions the personal attention that she received during her medical trip to Tijuana.

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Video Transcription

“One of the things that I appreciated about Veronica is that she asks me specific questions; um… she asks me questions before and she is asking me questions after and at what stages I felt certain things, and I know the reason she is doing this is because she wants to give accurate information to the people that are considering this or that have had it and what their expectations will be, which I think is wonderful because they are not going to give you these, you know false hopes or false information, you know; she will let you know the things that might not be so great or might be uncomfortable and that… you know what to expect at what stages.

So I think if you are considering it, contact Mexico Bariatric Services. Um… the doctor I had who was amazing … absolutely no worries, um… just, just a wonderful, wonderful care here. So I would definitely recommend that but don’t… don’t be afraid, don’t be… don’t be afraid to come to Mexico, I prom… I promise don’t be afraid to come to Mexico. It’s beautiful, I am staying at a beautiful hotel, nice people, people are speaking English, people are friendly, people are happy and… and the care was magnificent and the cost is this much.

And then you get, you know, awesome results of what we dream about or what we used to be or what we hope to be, can actually happen, just… we just have to do it, but feel good enough about yourself, know that you’re worth… you’re worth doing this.”

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