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What Happens When You Practice The 30-Minute Drinking Rule After WLS?

30 Minute Gap After Meals WLS

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Someone asked a great question about having to wait 30 minutes before a meal… to stop drinking after you’ve had bariatric surgery. This is one of the many lifestyle changes that follow weight loss surgery.

Yes, technically we do want you to wait 30 minutes before your meal to drink and then, 30 minutes after your meal to drink. It is so because especially before a meal, we don’t want your stomach or your pouch to be full of fluids when you are trying to eat and fuel your body and give yourself all the proteins and the nutrients that you do need. So, you stop drinking 30 minutes before a meal, have your meal and then wait 30 minutes after eating to begin drinking again.

Food is Fuel!

We are not in the business of starving ourselves to get our weight loss. That is not going to help anybody. So, that is why we want you to wait for those 30 minutes before, and consume food while exercising portion control after bariatric surgery.

30 Minute Drinking Rule After WLS

Now, I tend to kind of decrease that. If you think about your stomach or your pouch sort of like a funnel, and you are drinking water before your meal, and fluid is going to go through your funnel pretty quickly.

It is not exactly a 1:1 ratio as far as, as fast as liquid goes through a funnel is going to go through your stomach. But, you can get the visual of how quickly… or how it goes down quicker than the solid foods.

Drinking Fluids Post WLS

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated after weight loss surgery. So, if you are having just water or tea, decaf coffee… you know, something like a very thin liquid, I say you can pretty much wait 15 minutes or so before you start eating your meals. So, your last drink would be 15 minutes before you started with your first bite of food.

If you notice that you get full really quickly when you are waiting only 15 minutes, and this is more so for those who are probably within a month or two of having bariatric surgery… so, newer post-op… and you’re only having two bites of food, and you are feeling bloated or uncomfortable, or you vomit, or just a piece of food comes up… that means you might want to wait a little bit longer for 20-30 minutes. You know… the actual recommended amount.

Nutritionist’s Tip for Sipping Liquids Post Bariatric Surgery

If you are having a protein drink, a smoothie, even maybe like a glass of milk that is a bit more substantial, you’re probably going to want to wait more than 20-30 minutes before you begin to eat your meal.

How To Not Feel Bloated Post WLS

Drinking Fluids After Meals Post Bariatric Surgery

So, if you are eating your meal and you feel full and stop, and then, you maybe wait for like 10-15 minutes before you begin drinking, there’s not enough room in that small pouch for that water.

Trouble staying hydrated post-op? Here are some tricks to help you out!

Sipping Fluids Slowly Post WLS

Okay now, maybe half a sip or a quarter of a teaspoon will be okay, but you want to avoid drinking a significant amount, or even a couple of teaspoons can throw you overboard, and that food and that fluid has nowhere to go but back up. Or, you get uncomfortable.

Some of you will know this feeling of just feeling like it is stuck in your chest. There is a horrible tightening. It is hard to breathe. It is not like a choking feeling but just really, really tight.

To avoid this feeling, you want to keep a gap between sipping fluids slowly and eating your meals.

Updated on January 3, 2019

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