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8 Tips on How to Prepare Mentally for Bariatric Surgery


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Mental preparation for bariatric surgery involves developing a strong emotional state to avoid stress post-op. Here are a few tips that might come handy while learning how to deal with the impact of bariatric surgery.

Acquire knowledge

The first step towards preparing mentally for bariatric surgery is to collect information regarding it. It is essential to read articles, watch bariatric surgery testimonials or join support groups to know about the different types of procedures, their benefits, associated issues and required lifestyle changes .

Discuss with your family

Talk to your closed ones about bariatric surgery and the changes they will have to commit to along with you. Involve them in the entire procedure and communicate the progress to them at regular intervals.

Establish milestones

Set a target within a specified timeframe and then benchmarks to achieve that target. Having tangible, realistic goals after bariatric surgery provides much needed motivation to carry on with this challenging journey. You may start a journal to record your achieved milestones.

Mental Preparation for WLS

Be pragmatic

Bariatric surgery is a tool for weight loss that works well with the assistance of diet and exercise. It may take months for you to achieve your desired goals. In fact, it is absolutely normal to witness weight loss stalls after bariatric surgery as well. Therefore, be realistic and accept the fact that you won’t wake up being skinny the next day after surgery.

Take Your PCP in Confidence

If planning weight loss surgery abroad, try to have your Primary Care Phyisican (PCP) in confidence, before you leave for the trip. This is what we advise our clients who are visiting Mexico for bariatric procedures as well. It is important to find a PCP who supports your decision and agrees to see you even after this surgery. With your PCP by your side, you will also feel more confident and secure in your decision.

Identify addictions

Excess intake of alcohol or tobacco can complicate the surgical procedure. Food addictions or emotional eating will not work once the size of the stomach pouch is reduced. Hence, identify such cravings and deal with them before you go under the knife.

Things to Avoid Before and After WLS

Start a weight loss program

Put yourself in the right frame of mind before weight loss surgery by introducing gradual changes in your way of living. Track what as well as how much you eat or drink and measure your body’s reaction to it. You may visit a nutritionist who will plan a pre-surgery diet and exercise regimen for you.

Don’t go back to old habits

Keep reminding yourself that bariatric surgery is for your own good and following mindful habits will only augment the weight loss process. Going back to old habits is easy, but hazardous.



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Updated on January 3, 2019

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