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Bariatric Surgery Pouch Stretching – Expert on How to Defeat it

Eating After Bariatric Surgery

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Pouch Stretching after Weight Loss Surgery

We know that bariatric surgery alters the size of the stomach, creating a new stomach pouch. This pouch naturally stretches a little over time. But, with the right eating habits, this stretching of the new stomach can be kept to a minimum.

Simple tricks such as the following help keep the stomach pouch in shape-

  • Portion control
  • No sipping fluids while eating
  • Take a small snack, instead of a large meal
  • Never eat on a hungry stomach
  • Mindful eating
  • Pay attention to nutritional needs

Does eating protein along with a few sips of broth stretch stomach pouch after gastric bypass?

Client’s question: I am wondering-

  • What is the difference between eating protein and a sugar-free popsicle vs. eating protein and a sip of water after gastric bypass?
  • Doesn’t the sugar-free popsicle melt into the flavored water? What about eating a few bites of protein and a few sips of broth?
  • Isn’t that like drinking water with your meal which might result in the stomach pouch getting stretched after bypass?

Protein And Liquids Together - Prevent Gastric Sleeve Pouch Stretching


This is a good question as it confuses a lot of people.

  • Having a couple of sips of water or sucking on a popsicle after having a protein drink is not going to stretch your pouch.
  • The big thing we want is for you to avoid “chugging” water with meals or drinking too much water which may cause bloating and severe discomfort.
  • Most of us are in the habit of washing down a meal with water or a glass of milk, and that can’t happen after gastric bypass surgery.
  • Drinking more than 1-2 oz of fluid with a meal may cause dumping syndrome after gastric bypass. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sweating, and diarrhea accompany diarrhea.1


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Updated on January 3, 2019

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